Vacation rentals offer unique and affordable accommodation and are therefore very popular among travelers. Private suits and apartments often tend to be more spacious than hotel rooms and have their own interior style. Having a full equipped kitchen can be a plus point if you are on a strict diet or just love to prepare your own food.

In Rovinj you can find cheep, cozy and convenient places to stay – as long as you know where to look. We will help you out with a few recommendations and for more there is

House Eufemia looks like something you see in magazines on home décor – white, very elegant with beautiful golden details.

The villa has an excellent location, near the Rovinj Aquarium and is just a 12-minutes walk away from the beach. The quiet neighborhood is ideal for those who want to sleep a little longer.

If you choose to book a studio here, you won’t be disappointed. The facility is situated in the core of Old Town Rovinj, just a 4-minute walk away from the beach.