Valalta is primarily a family-friendly naturalist camp, not so much a swinger resort. However, over the years the number of swingers visiting Valalta has increased significantly. Most of them come from Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Hungary. Sometimes there are over 300 swinger couples vacationing at the same time. As most campers are just naturalists, the best way to find some like-minded company is by announcing your visit over a swinger website. A grill bar in the resort is also an unofficial swingers meeting point. The percentage of younger guests is in your favor, so if you meet a flirty nudist couple, just give it a try, without being pushy. You should have in mind that public sex on the beaches is taboo, as there are children present. So be a little considerate and get the party started behind closed camp doors or in the Anaconda swingers club nearby. A refreshing dip in the salty swimming pool or a few drinks at the resort bar can be an excellent overture for the fun coming later.