You probably wouldn’t think that a restaurant named Uncle Danilo (Barba Danilo) with a location on the city periphery, near a campsite, would be one of the best Rovinj’s restaurants. But it is truly one of those finds that makes the most powerful food memories!

 Barba Danilo is a charming, family-run restaurant, famous for combining modern styles of preparation with traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The accent is placed on serving fresh, local seafood and meat in well balanced, beautifully presented and yummy portions.  This place isn’t just about the quality of ingredients; it’s about the quality of ideas. Since the restaurant has only 45 seats, including those on an open terrace, you will have to make your reservations in advance. The ambience is warm and inviting and the staff members are very friendly and helpful in describing lush flavor combinations, or recommending wines. Every single dish, from appetizer to dessert, simply creates a firework in the mouth. It is a bit on the pricey side, but totally worth it!

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