The 3 star naturist campsite Valalta is located only 7 km from the centre of Rovinj and can accommodate more than 7000 guests. It’s the winner of this year’s “ANWB Top 2018” award as one of the best camps in Europe and is proclaimed Croatia’s Best Campsite for 2015 – 2018.

Apart from the stunning 5 km long pebble shoreline and a variety of accommodation facilities, this green oasis offers numerous recreation and entertainment amenities. Except from being nude, without tan lines and sand in your swimwear, here are some things you will enjoy: a large pool with saltwater and an attractive bar; tennis, beach volleyball and mini golf courts; cycling areas; a small harbor with accompanying rentals; a fitness room; sauna, hair and beauty salon… Oh, and Internet. Within the camp there are some great restaurants with authentic Istrian or international menus, boutiques, stores and even a polyclinic for professional medical services. It’s just like a normal top-notch resort, just with naked, more relaxed and playful people. The staff is very friendly and the hygiene is at an enviable level.

Enough to make you explore the wonderful world of naturismus? Here are some contact information:

Sajt  Pošaljite poruku  +385 (0)52 804 800