Mulini Beach is an attractive oasis designed as an extension of the public promenade, connecting the city of Rovinj to the green forest park Punta Corrente.

What distinguishes Mulini from other beaches in the region are interesting and smart architectural solutions. Its unique ambience is divided into two areas, in order to harmonize with the existing nature terrain and sea level variations. The first one is a harsher rocky zone, with lots of fractured surfaces, greatly influenced by waves. The second one is a much calmer zone with gradual cascades leading to the sea. The main element here is pebble, surrounded by rich vegetation.

During the day the beach is a paradise for swimmers, non-swimmers, kayak or canoe lovers and divers. After sunset, it transforms into a more intimate space with a romantic and cozy Mediterranean atmosphere. The nearby beach bars and restaurants offer a great variety of drinks, fresh seafood, lovely seating areas and a breathtaking view. Some of the loungers have bells – just ring and the waiter will come to take your order. Are you ready to get spoiled to the fullest?