If you want to experience a Robinson Crusoe-like day, you should definitely “get stranded” on the Red island. The island actually consists of two islets, St. Andrew’s and Maškin , connected with an artificial embankment. Despite being only a 15-minutes boat-taxi ride from Rovinj, it is one of the least visited islands in the Archipelago. Tourists probably think that on such a tiny area is not much to see. But boy, are they wrong! Just choose a path and there will be a lot to explore!

 If you are hoping to find a quiet place with a cool breeze, dense Mediterranean forests and cultivated parks provide much needed shade. In 2002 the trees had been hit hard by a storm, which made them develop funny shapes. If you stumble across a free-standing circular building – that’s the Maškin Family Mausoleum. Next you could see the central part of a 6th century Benedictian monastery with a pretty interesting storyline. After the Benedictines left, Franciscans kept it intact, but the French conquerors in the 19th century found a more practical purpose for the church tower… They converted it into a chimney for a growing lime factory. Later the church became a part of Castle Hutterott, a popular high-end rustic wedding venue. Nearby is an elevated observation point, which allows you to get a 360 degree view over the islets. Among many rocky beaches and crowd-free bays, you can find your own private spot from above and enjoy its intimacy to the fullest!