The Old Town is a charming historic centre of Rovinj and is probably the most appealing part of this stunning shell-shaped peninsula in the north of Croatia.

On the western coast of Istria, between the towns of Vrsar and Rovinj, lies the Lim Fjord. With a length of 12 km and 100m steep slopes surrounding it, this fjord is one of the most stunning things created by nature.

Mulini Beach is an attractive oasis designed as an extension of the public promenade, connecting the city of Rovinj to the green forest park Punta Corrente.

Brioni Islands are a group of 14 islands, located in Istria, at the northwestern outskirts of Pula. This archipelago has a total area of 36 km² covered with magnificent trees, meadows and washed by the deep blue sea.

In the northern part of Istria, over the Mirna River valley, 270 meters above sea level, there is a charming and scenic hill with a fortified town of Motovun. This attractive medieval town, greatly influenced by Venetian and Roman architecture, is almost completely intact till this day.

Baron Gautch was a beautiful Austrian passenger ship built in England in the year 1908. With a length of 84.5m and 11.8m wide, it was gracefully sailing on the route from Kotor to Trieste. Now it is looming 40m under the sea surface, as a reminder of the greatest nautical tragedy.

If you want to escape from the heat and crowd, or just need some time to relax and enjoy nature, here is our recommendation: Punta Corrente Forest Park, also known as The Golden Cape, located only 1.5 km south from Rovinj town center.

Since the founding of Rovinj, till this day, fisherman, sailors and shipbuilders have been the true guards of tradition and the bearers of the maritime spirit. If you want to experience the real soul of the city you’ve got to visit The House of Batana.

St. Catherine’s is a small, picturesque island just a 10-minute boat ride away from Rovinj. The quiet secluded bays, pine forests and Mediterranean maquis, cultivated parks, romantic paths and flower gardens make it very inviting for tourists.

If you want to experience a Robinson Crusoe-like day, you should definitely “get stranded” on the Red island. The island actually consists of two islets, St. Andrew’s and Maškin , connected with an artificial embankment. Despite being only a 15-minutes boat-taxi ride from Rovinj, it is one of the least visited islands in the Archipelago.