If you want to escape from the heat and crowd, or just need some time to relax and enjoy nature, here is our recommendation: Punta Corrente Forest Park, also known as The Golden Cape, located only 1.5 km south from Rovinj town center. The park was established in 1890 by Baron Hütterott, an Austrian admiral who recognized the beauty and potential of this area. This landscaping lover bought four Rovinj islands and started a project of transforming the 90 hectares area into a spa oasis. Although his death got in the way of realization, he is still considered the biggest influence in the field of tourism for this area.

Umbrella-like stone pines, together with oaks and planted cedar and cypress trees, create a cool, shady forest. The park is proud of its variety of pines, as it is hard to find them all in one place simultaneously: Aleppo pine, Calabrian pine, Maritime Pine, European Black Pine etc. Walkways run parallel with the coast, so you can still enjoy the view on the Adriatic Sea, rocky capes and pebble bays.

Punta Corrente is the ideal place for outdoorsy people, who love fun sporting activities. Running, stretching, cycling, waking, free climbing or just meditating – the choice is yours!